Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tonight, On a Very Special "The Gooch On..."

If my life were a sitcom today would have been a good Thanksgiving episode. An issue arose at work within the last few days that threatened to ruin my Thanksgiving holiday. Yesterday afternoon it appeared as if the problem had been solved. Then this morning not only did I learn it hadn’t, but it was worse than I originally thought. Then it looked like it was fixed again. Then it wasn’t.

I am a firm believer that we are as heroic as circumstances cause us to be. On this episode, Gooch learned that when called upon, he can indeed be a problem-solving hero. And what lesson could one be more thankful to learn on Thanksgiving?

We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for the Bay Area in order to spend the holiday with my family. Good news for you – that is where my most embarrassing pictures are housed. May be time for the obligatory “Funny Old Pictures of Me” post.

Have a good (and safe) Thanksgiving everyone.

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