Wednesday, November 03, 2004

...It's All About Me

I hope you don’t think me arrogant for starting off today’s post with a quote from, well, myself, but it seems rather appropriate, if not all that profound.

From this blog on July 13, 2004:
It is stupid, when discussing your favorite sports team or political party, to refer to them as “we”. As in “We have a much better defense this year” or “We should win this election in a landslide”. If you haven’t been invited to any of the meetings, it’s “them”, not “we”.

Now onto more pressing matters:

Dear President Bush,

Congratulations on your recent re-election.

In honor of your victory, as a way to help jumpstart the economy and also, as you claimed was so important for America during your campaign, to help small businesses succeed, I have a modest proposal for you.

I spent no less than six hours commuting today in order to meet with a potential client, a division of the US military, regarding a fairly substantial project they are looking to move forward with. Even by Southern California standards, that’s a pretty major shlep.

As the leader of this great nation I was hoping you might be able to throw a white Jew from the suburbs a bone (preferably kosher) and, like you did with Haliburton that one time, give them the ok to no bid this contract so all my hard work won’t be for naught should a competitor beat my price by $.50

After all, you wouldn’t want this little guy to starve now would you?

Thanks in advance.

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