Monday, November 01, 2004

...As Time Goes By

Among the many petty things that serve to annoy me to no end is the concept of instant nostalgia. Perhaps this concept is best exemplified by the recent "I Love the 90s" special on VH1, where multitudes of C and D-List celebrities waxed nostalgic and shared their misty-eyed memories of things that, you know, JUST FUCKING HAPPENED.

But I may be forced to eat crow on this one. After successfully putting the baby down for a nap the other day (my wife was out spending some much deserved and needed time getting pampered at the nail salon), I started rereading some of my old blog entries.

Let’s be honest. I’m hardly the most prolific blogger out there. I probably average, what, 2 posts a week? Not due to disinterest; I’d love to blog more. But as my sister so eloquently wrote about recently, one of the drawbacks of being a happily married blogger with kids is that my life tends to lack the sort of daily drama that makes for compelling reading. I mean, I suppose I could do daily updates about how I got up, went to the gym, went to work, came home, changed a few shitty diapers, helped with homework, did dishes, watched a little TV and went to bed. But would anyone want to read that?

And it’s not like I’ve been doing this for all that long. I started my blog in mid-June. 5 months at a rate of about 2 posts a week does not a large body of work make.

Nonetheless, here I was, getting all emotional as I rediscovered some of the gems of blog entries gone by. Hey, there’s the one I wrote when I fucked up my left calf right before leaving on a trip to the Bay Area for 4th of July. There’s my one and only attempt at a serious post where I wrote about how I miss living in the Bay Area a little bit. How `bout that one about my ex-coworker, Susie, who once took a massive, stinky dump in my old apartment? Can never go wrong with toilet humor. Awww, there’s the one where I announced I was taking a blogging break because the doctor told us the baby was going to come any day now. I could even see where my missing first post, ironically about how many of my friends have gotten really dull and boring ever since they got married and became home-improvement obsessed, would have gone had I not deleted it fairly early on in my blog’s history because, to be honest, it was kinda stupid.

We’ll always have “The Gooch On…”. They can’t take that away from me.
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