Tuesday, November 16, 2004


If there is any sort of sadistic quality to my personality it is the joy I get out of watching overconfident people being brought back down to Earth. I would feel bad about this not-so-tender-hearted aspect of myself were it not so obvious I am not alone. How else do you explain the crazy popularity of "American Idol", particularly the first few try-out episodes where people with truly horrendous singing voices look like deer in the headlights, appearing genuinely surprised and confused as to why they were not chosen to be the next Christina Aguilera or Justin Timberlake?

I never know whether to feel sorry for these type of people because of the way they are forced to create their own fictional world to live in as a safe haven against the truth, or to be disgusted at what often appear to be truly massive egos immune to anything resembling reality. Generally I choose the latter.

Like when I was first transferred down to Orange County to take on a sales position. I’m not sure I had even finished unpacking my boxes when a woman in my department (the previously discussed Susie) tried to enlist me as part of her coup to get rid of our boss, Deena, and replace her with herself. Now, Deena was big-time coo-koo; it was obvious from Day 1 she was not long for the company. But why Susie, whose sales numbers held the ignominious distinction of consistently being dead last in the company, thought she deserved or had earned the right to run an entire sales department, I have no idea. Instead of receiving the promotion she was so positive she deserved, Susie was first given a demotion to sales assistant and ultimately, fired.

I got to thinking about all of this last night as I left the gym. I experienced an awkward moment where I arrived at my car just as some guy was sticking a flyer onto my windshield. I have to give the guy credit, his marketing strategy is a good one – arrive at the gym at "rush hour" (6 o’clock-ish) when the gym couldn’t possibly be more stuffed with people and flyer the parking lot with an offer of one-on-one personal training. And to answer the questions posed on his flyer – Yes, I am tired of waiting at crowded gyms, Yes, I am looking for V.I.P. treatment and Yes, I do think my workouts would improve with private training that provides that extra push I need to succeed. I’d be all set to sign up, except, get this – the guy offering the training is kinda fat.

Anyway, if any of you are interested in how to please a woman every time, just drop me an email.
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