Wednesday, June 15, 2005

...The Best of Year One (Part 2 of 2)

The Things You Don't Talk About
The one thing I didn't bargain for when I married a divorcee with children is just how crazy, hectic and poverty-inducing the Christmas Season would prove to be. It's not like I can't understand why. All logic, reason and sensibility aside, who wants to be known to the kids as the house with the shittier presents? Trying to find some humor in an otherwise stressful situation, I thought of the idea for a quick, little, funny post where I would mention, from a Jewish perspective, how silly the whole Santa Claus concept seems since it transfers all of the credit for your hard work (and financial sacrifice) onto a fictitious character. As I sat down to write the post I got the idea that it might be funnier if I started off with a more sincere discussion of religion in general before I finished off with the ridiculous punchline. Turns out it's just like they say - nothing sets people off quite like politics or religion. This post, which was supposed to just be a quick joke, led to my receiving well over twice the comments I ever had previously.
Cultural Relativism

Tequilla Shots Goggles
I'm no prude, but I am absolutely shocked by how openly some people write about their sex lives on their blogs. I guess to me it just seems odd to the degree that past a certain age pretty much all of us have done it; it's not exactly a taboo subject. Is it really shocking or all that interesting that someone occasionally has sex with their wife or husband or girlfriend or boyfriend? In other words, just talking about sex for the sake of it really doesn't interest me. Talking about sexual experiences that were completely humiliating and cringe-inducing on the other hand...
The Rest of the Story

Gym Wars 2005
What a great thing a blog is. A forum for all of your pettiest bitches and complaints. Truth be told, considering how bad I've been about going to the gym lately, I've probably come to resemble some of the people I complain about in the following post. At the risk of tooting my own horn, (and I'm aware that this is a classic "that and $2 will get you a cup of coffee" scenario), this was a featured post at LA Blogs
Space Invaders

Israel Revisited
Like many bloggers, I'm sure, there was a time in my life where I fancied myself a future best-selling novelist. That was until I took a creative writing class in college and discovered that I was physically incapable of coming up with any original ideas and instead fell into the trap of writing thinly veiled autobiographical fiction where I simply retold actual events from my life but changed the names of the people involved. Kind of like this blog. A slightly different version of the following post was my one attempt at "fiction" in the class. Keep in mind I went to an *EXTREMELY* ultra-liberal, politically correct university. The very notion that someone would ever endeavor to travel halfway across the world with the intent of having intimate relations with members of the opposite sex sent shockwaves throughout the class. One classmate called me a "true vulgarian" in his critique of my paper. The version presented here is far tamer than the more sexually explicit version I presented to my class 13 years ago. What is it they say about guys at 18?
Making Out in the Middle East

A Piece of History
One of the indirect reasons for starting this blog was my wife's pregnancy. While pregnant, my wife tended to go to bed really early, leaving me to find new ways to keep myself entertained in the evening. Thus the birth of not only a son, but also, "The Gooch On..."
Little Gooch

Ok, enough with the sentimentality. Tomorrow is our final day of packing and Friday we move. If I come out the other side somehow intact, I'll blog again.
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