Thursday, April 07, 2005

...Legitimate Reasons to Move to Canada

My favorite quote from the old "Fat Albert" cartoon goes something like this:

"You're like a high school in the middle of the night. No class."

If I could paraphrase, "Citizens of America, you're like a glass of water. No taste."

It's bad enough that this show is a consistent Top 10 hit, while the brilliant and hysterical "Arrested Development", not only the funniest show currently on television but perhaps one of the greatest sitcoms of all-time, is on the brink of cancellation. But I've come to accept that many Americans are just sort of stupid and therefore prefer comedy that is cliché and formulaic to comedy that is edgy, clever and actually funny.

What I can't accept is that a majority of Americans prefer the musical stylings of this ugly, talentless, woman-beater

and this marginal, vanilla Clay Aiken wannabe
Image hosted by

to this guy:

Then again, why should I be surprised? After all, they suck while he has a beautiful voice and polished performance skills. Of course he didn't get any votes.
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