Sunday, July 03, 2005

...Myth Busting

I've always been fascinated by the "Great Lie" theory. The idea we'll believe just about anything if we hear it repeated often enough. Think about it for a second: How many beliefs do you hold to be true - political, religious, personal - just because you've heard the same thing repeated over and over and over until you stopped questioning it?

How many people developed their political opinions based largely on having listened to Rush Limbaugh every morning for years and assuming everything he says is fact? How many people think their religious beliefs are "correct" because that is what they've always been told in church or synagogue? I don't doubt for a second that had I been born to Christian parents instead of Jewish ones my belief in the resurrection of Jesus would be entirely different than it is today.

The HBO documentary series Real Sports recently revealed there is zero documented scientific evidence proving any link between prolonged steroid use and liver failure/heart problems. Yet how many of you reading this are thinking there has to be something fishy about that story since you've always been told otherwise?

Last night my wife advised me against letting the dog lick my face considering that within the previous 24 hours she had eaten both the fallout from an exploding diarrhea diaper and cat puke.

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Hey, if the dog wants to earn her keep by pitching in on the grossest of household chores, I'm all for it. But kindly spare me the bullshit about dogs having cleaner mouths than humans, ok?
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