Friday, January 28, 2005

...Shorts II

* Being Jewish, I never had to deal with the heartbreaking loss of innocence that comes with discovering Santa Claus isn’t real. The closest comparable experience I can think of was when I stood in line with my dad at the Hertz Rent-A-Car booth at the Seattle-Tacoma airport and realized that standing directly behind us was bad guy pro wrestler Harley Race peacefully traveling with good guy pro wrestler “Jumping” Jim Brunzell.

* Something I’ve never understood – Customers who will spend thousands of dollars on a product or system without question, but will bitch and complain endlessly over a modest shipping charge.

* Another moratorium request: The term “I need this done/I need to have this yesterday”. It is overused to the point that it no longer indicates any sort of urgency, only the users lack or creativity.

* Another thing I’ve never understood – people who eat at fast-food restaurants or shop at discount places like WalMart and then actually have the gall to complain about the quality of the service. Those people don’t make shit, you know they don’t make shit, what the fuck were you expecting?

* The one period in my life where I can admit I may have let me ego get a little bit out of control was when I was in my college fraternity. There’s just something about watching groups of people subject themselves to mass humiliation and gross indignity, such as eating bananas covered in crunchy peanut butter out of a toilet while blindfolded, all for the great honor of getting to hang out with * YOU * that tends to inflate a persons sense of self-worth

* I’ve also never understood political party loyalty. I simply can’t believe that anyone just happens to agree with all of the points of view of one political party and just happens to disagree with all of the points of view of the other. I think some people just like to feel like they belong to a group.

*In general, my taste in women tends to be pretty mainstream, but for whatever reason, Julia Roberts has never really done it for me. The most unbelievable part of “Closer” to me was the notion that anyone would voluntarily leave Natalie Portman for Julia Roberts.

* What I've learned from blogging: Women like to talk about sex a lot. Men are more just into doing it.

* Have a nice weekend.
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