Monday, August 02, 2004

...Wedding Etiquette

I don’t want to come across as a fuddy-duddy, but if you get married to someone, then get divorced from that someone and then decide to get married to that same someone for the second time, is it really appropriate to have a whole formal wedding ceremony with guests, presents and a party?

Funny story: They got divorced because every couple of years she’d catch him cheating on her with some hussy. This made her mad enough to finally go through with the divorce, but obviously not so angry that she quit having sex with him altogether. After becoming pregnant with his child, I guess going through the motions of having a baby together while still technically being divorced seemed kind of silly.

My wife and I aren’t going to the wedding, which is in two weeks. We’re going to be in San Diego enjoying our final romantic weekend getaway before the baby comes. That and we didn’t get invited.
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