Friday, January 19, 2007

...Leaving the World a Little Better Place Than I Found It

Early on in my career, a veteran sales rep from my industry advised me never to let the job become too stressful. After all, he reminded me, “It’s not like we’re doctors. We’re not saving lives here.”

Fundamentally this was sound advice. A gentle admonition to always keep things in perspective.

Still, I couldn’t help but find his advice a little depressing. It served as a confirmation that what I do for a living really isn’t all that important. There is a part of me who really envies doctors, firemen, policemen and teachers. Or anyone else who has a job where they can honestly claim to make a positive contribution to society every time they clock in. Selling expensive audio-visual toys, by comparison, simply doesn't seem as noble.

On the other hand, I could be grossly underestimating the value of my profession to the world at large.

Yesterday my phone rang off the hook as I was called incessantly by various people from various companies, all of who were depending on me to facilitate an emergency rush order. If I hadn’t been successful in making the proper arrangements for a particular piece of gear to arrive in Las Vegas by early this morning, the Justin Timberlake concert may not have gone on as scheduled.

Others may save lives, fight crime or stimulate young minds. But how many can claim to have helped bring sexy back?
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